Texture Finishes: Ceilings or walls - textures add decorative depth
HAND TROWEL texture is a unique look I designed as a cross between Venetian Plaster and Southwestern stucco.
I scrape off many popcorn ceilings and apply hand trowel texture before finishing with 2 coats of primer.
Orange peel texture can be sprayed on ceilings or walls, hides imperfections to a degree.
KNOCKDOWN texture is the most common ceiling texture used in the Twin Cities today. I spray a medium sized and depth pattern that appeals to the majority of homeowners.
*Can be painted
*Easy to clean
Smooth ceilings are always in style. Easy to clean, repair, and re-paint, smooth ceilings are easy to maintain. A smooth ceiling will require about 50% more time to finish than a textured one.