St Paul Remodel, Isabel St.

Here is a look at the upstairs bedrooms, stairway, and bathroom. Notice the cracks in the plaster. The walls had also been painted with a hard sand paint that left a big mess, everywhere. After taping the cracks and making repairs, I skimmed the ceilings and walls of both bedrooms and the stair/hallway with compound, twice. After that I sanded all surfaces smooth with the aid of a 500 watt halogen light.
In particular, settling walls and ceilings that were finished with lath/plaster begin to show their age as a home relaxes over the decades. Cracks and holes develop over time and at some point it will be necessary to consider a drywall service investment. Often it makes sense just to remove the old plaster, but not always. If your plaster is in good condition it can be much more cost effective to have a finisher tape the cracks and skim the walls. Such is the case in this home.
The main floor of this home features 10 foot ceilings through out, with the vaulted sun room addition in back. Much of this level was gutted, the damage to the plaster too great, so alot of the drywall was new. However, several ceilings and some walls did require a few skim coats. In all I skim coated about 2500 sqft, twice. This project took me two weeks to complete.
Recently I've completed a very extensive and interesting remodel to this vintage 1875 two story in St Paul. When finished, both floors will undergo complete restoration. Also, a sunroom addition has been added off the back of the house.
Strole Companies, LLC of St Paul is contracting the work for a customer with traditional, yet simple tastes.
Older homes present their own set of challenges:
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