Update your ceiling texture!
Nothing makes a home look dated quite like a popcorn textured ceiling. Over time, popcorn texture accumulates dust and cobwebs, eventually turns a slight shade of grey, and is difficult to paint or clean.

Est. 1999
4 steps to a beautiful new knockdown ceiling:

1. Cover floors & walls & scrape ceiling texture off.

*Older, previously painted ceilings can be more difficult to remove.
2. Skim coat two layers of drywall compound evenly across the ceiling surfaces. Repair any cracks and mud/float out any irregularities in the ceiling.
3. Spray on ceiling texture in a splatter pattern - wait 10 minutes -and "knockdown" with wide drywall spade
4. Paint if desired. For a whiter/brighter look, I often spray on 2 coats of flat white ceiling paint.
On older, stained, or discolored ceilings, this step is required.
Cost: Generally scrape/skim/texture cost are right about $3 sqft (400sqft min)
Painting ceilings after texture: $1 sqft

All of my labor and materials are included in the estimate. Higher ceilings, previously painted ceilings, and additional repair work needed can raise an estimate, while discounts for volume (over 1200sqft) and other mark downs can lower the estimate, often as much as 25%.

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