Services and costs (January 2014)

Idaho Ave, St Paul remodel
Afton home remodel
Isabel St, St Paul remodel
Chisago City lake home remodel
Apple Valley town home remodel
Edina remodel/addition
Lakeville basement
Bloomington basement
Maplewood basement
Hudson basement
Eden Prairie garage
Hudson detatched garage finish
River Falls garage
Stillwater vaulted repair
Andover ceiling repair
Hudson ceiling repair
Fridley ceiling repair
Oakdale ceiling repair
Bayport two-story
River Falls twin home
Woodbury basement
Fourth car garage addition

Cut out and remove any damaged sheetrock from stud surface using drywall saw, utility knife and hammer. Remove screws. Remove excess to make square edges in prep for new drywall.
Drywall demo:
$.49 sqft walls
$.79 sqft ceilings

Scrape popcorn ceiling textures smooth.
Unpainted popcorn ceilings:
$.39 sqft
Painted popcorn ceilings:
$.59 sqft

Purchase, deliver, and carry drywall on to jobsite (Main floor or garage)
4'*8' 1/2" $12 /sheet
4'*8' 1/2" Green board (moisture resistant) $14/sheet
4'*8' 5/8" Green board (moisture resistant) $15/sheet
4'*8' 5/8" $14 /sheet
4'*12' 1/2 " $18 /sheet
4'*12' 5/8" $20/sheet
4.5' * 12' $22 /sheet

Sheetrock delivered up or down stairs, add
$1.50 for 4'*8'
$2.50 for 4'*12'

Prep (before drywall installation)
Shim recessed studs
$5 per installation
*Install sheetrock backing with 1" * 2" or 2"*4"wood material using sheetrock screws and nails.
$5 per installation
*Remove any material (nails, glue, plastic, staples) from surface of studs to be dry-walled using hammer, pliars, and utility knife.

Measure sheetrock to fill area required. Cut using utility knife, drywall saw, and roto-zip tool.
Install sheetrock securely on to studs using sheetrock screws placed in line with studs: One screw at the top of the sheet, three spaced evenly in the field, and one at the bottom. Install with seam (recessed) edges faced together. Minimize and stagger butt joint meetings wherever possible. Screws to be set just below drywall surface.
$.25 sqft walls
$.39 sqft ceilings to 9'
$.59 sqft ceilings 9'-12'

Remove any loose material at sheetrock seams and butt joints. Fill any voids or gaps wider than 1/16" with joint compound.
Re-set any screws left above surface of drywall.
Using USG Sheetrock brand tape and Green taping compound, tape seams, butt joints, and interier angles everywhere sheetrock edges meet.
Apply 3 consecutively thinner and wider coats of drywall compound to corner-bead, tape, and screw heads.
Apply surface area protection as necessary.
Sand drywall smooth to 1/128", removing ridges and overspray with aid of 500watt Halogen light positioned perpendicular to surface.
Using broom/sweeping compound and vacuum, remove dust from work area.

Pre-fill/Tape/Mud/Sand: (1000 sqft miniumum)
$.49 sqft

500 - 1000 sqft

0 - 500 sqft
$.99 sqft
$100 minimum

Ceiling height over 8' add 50%
Ceiling height over 12' add 100%

Sand Ceilings surfaces:
$.70 sqft

Install corner-bead
Measure and cut to correct length metal or paper faced corner-bead to fit over exterior corners where sheetrock meets to form 90 or 120 degree angles.
Secure metal corner-bead with drywall nails or staples; and paper faced corner-bead with Green drywall taping compound.
Tape metal corner-bead with fiberglass mesh tape.
$1.65 per linear ft install, mesh tape, mud, sand.
Install and finish arch bead:
$7 per linear ft install, tape, mud, sand.

Texture (Here for samples)
surface area protection as necessary.
Mix texture material to correct consistency for desired application.
Spray texture on to ceiling or wall surface with hopper using compressed air.
$.49 sqft standard texture
$.55 sqft knockdown, orange peel
$200 minimum

Hand trowel texture
$1.55 sqft

Skm coat
Apply even layer of joint compound to uneven/rough surfaces in prep for smooth or textured surfaces.
$.75 sqft

Apply surface area protection as necessary.
Sweep/vacuum to remove dust from newly sanded walls and ceilings. (if applicable)
Apply two succeeding coats of sheetrock primer to surface using airless paint sprayer. Backroll surface with 3/8" knap roller in prep for paint.
$.22 sqft walls
$.49 sqft ceilings

BIN Priming
Prime scraped popcorn ceilings with Zinzer Bin before re-texture to seal and cover any discoloration.
$1.25 sqft ceilings
$.79sqft walls

Paint ceilings 2 coats white ceiling paint
0- 300 sqft
$1.25 sqft
300 - 600 sqft
$.79 sqft
600 - 1200
$.59 sqft
1200 - 2400 sqft
$.39 sqft

Surface area protection
Move room contents to and from work area as needed.
Couches and other heavy furniture:
Cover floors using drop-cloths, heavy duty poly, or rosin paper.
Cover walls, cabinets, windows etc. using painters plastic and blue/green removable tape.

Wall surface area protection:
$.015 sqft
Floor surface area protection:
$.20 sqft
Cover lights, fans, tubs, sinks, toilets, windows & doors:
Use plastic and/or drop cloths to cover large immovable objects.

Floor scraping, sweeping, jobsite clean-up included with every job.

Other circumstances
$1 linear ft for new/old drywall junctions. Drywall edges shaven, pre-filled, scraped, taped, and mudded 3 coats.

Compensating for poor drywall installation, including:
Extra butt or seam joints. Sheets installed in a row resulting in dramatic butt joints. Uneven edges. Gaps wider than 1/16". Extra cutouts. Screws not properly secured. Ragged edges.
$5 per instance

Remove and replace garage tracks to slide drywall under when sheetrocking garage ceiling
$20 per instance.

Haul away scrap sheetrock:
$1 per 4'*8' sheet used
$1.33 per 4'*12' sheet used

There are times when a more accurate bid can be expressed in an hourly fashion. In such case:

$60 hr labor, 2 hr minimum
$225 4 hrs
$400 8 hrs

$400 full day
Taping an average basement may take a day.

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